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Immediate Edge App - WHAT IS THE Immediate Edge App SOFTWARE?

WHAT IS THE Immediate Edge App SOFTWARE?

Cryptocurrencies came around only in 2008 and have managed to deliver oversized returns to investors, more than any other financial asset. Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency and still remains dominant and popular to this day. In fact, Bitcoin is almost synonymous with cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology. But since the introduction of Bitcoin, numerous other cryptocurrencies have emerged, and none has been more popular both in usage and circulation than Ethereum.

To explain this, it is important to understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin. The foremost cryptocurrency is a peer-to-peer digital form of money. Ethereum is also a cryptocurrency, but additionally, it is also a platform and network upon which other blockchain projects and decentralized applications can run on. This essentially means that if Bitcoin is the money of the future, then Ethereum is the internet of the future. To put into perspective the sheer power and potential of Ethereum, consider that crypto coins such as BAT, NEXO and DENT that have millions of users, run on the Ethereum platform. Ethereum hosts some of the most promising crypto coins, and numerous others continue to be launched on the platform regularly. The opportunities available on this platform are endless.

These opportunities provided the inspiration for creating the Immediate Edge App software. The software helps investors to earn from the opportunities of the Ethereum cryptocurrency and numerous other coins and tokens. The Immediate Edge App community members are also made aware of new promising coins and tokens that will be launched. The software applies the best trading strategies to take advantage of the best opportunities on the Ethereum platform. Using super-advanced technologies, such as time leap and artificial intelligence, investors are guaranteed maximum profits day in, day out. Immediate Edge App members are currently making weekly profits of at least $10,000, and this amount can only increase as the software continues to trade crypto markets ‘intelligently’. Become a part of our trading family and start enjoying your Immediate Edge App journey!



The idea of Immediate Edge App was conceived at a global conference on emerging opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. The general consensus was that opportunities in this space would be found in new and emerging coins running on the revolutionary Ethereum platform. With that admission, a team of world-class developers, quants, mathematicians and economists embarked on the Immediate Edge App project. The result was the Immediate Edge App software, which has been extensively tested and optimized over time to trade the crypto markets with a near-perfect success rate.

Early beta testers emerged as millionaires and you can still join the community and get to share the Immediate Edge App experience. Register now and start your own journey to millions.

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